Top Rung BrewingOver a year ago I was invited by some Firemen whom I became acquainted with through the beer scene to try some beers and hear of a plan they had about opening a brewery.  We drank some beers talked brewery details and from then on we have become great friends.  The beers back then where tasty and I was excited to see this journey begin.  Then over the next year from time to time I would be updated as where they were in the process.  As time got closer I was updated more frequently as to the project timing and brewing process.  Once the equipment arrived I was finding myself spending more time at the brewery helping in any way I could.  Finally just over a month ago the brewery was open.  My new friends Jason Stolz and Casey Sobol had opened Top Rung Brewing.  Both being full time Firemen the theme was obvious.  Now for the best part for myself great beer, friends and a new place in town to have a pint.

This week Top Rung Brewing will be releasing a new beer to their lineup.   That’s right Hose Chaser Blonde,  Prying Irons IPA and My Dog Scout Stout have a new beer brother.  Good Jake CDA (Cascadian Dark Ale)

Good Jake CDAI was privileged in trying this beer the other day and let me tell you this is fantastic.  Dark in color, thin tan head.  Super roast chocolate malt forward flavor with a great IPA hops like backing.  Friday 2pm this beer will be pouring and I know I will be seeking this beer as soon as I am off work that day.

So head on out to Top Rung Brewing and try a pint of a truly awesome CDA.  They are located in Lacey at 8343 Hogum Bay Ln Lacey, WA 98516. Open Friday and Saturday 2-9 pm Kids are welcome and they have food trucks on most days or you can order in or bring your own food.  Great times…

People will be asking what is a Good Jake here is what I learned from Casey, Jason and the internet. 

Good Jake – Firefighters have traditionally been called Jakes in the Boston, MA area and not throughout the United States. They are called Jakes due to the fire alarm keys they carried that were shaped like J’s and called J-keys. These were used before the days of radio transmissions that could alert fire departments of fires. The name caught on and in 2013, Jake is still a term used in Boston. The term even traveled across the country to San Francisco where firefighters are called Jakeys.
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