Hair of the DogFredFest PDX 2014 – Hair of the Dog Brewery May, 4th 2014

It has been a few years since I have attended this awesome event and as luck would have it I was asked just the other day to see if I could go.  I had to fight tooth and nail to get the days off and it took the powers of the beer gods to grant me the days needed.  Now as for my family they knew if it is Fred Fest they know I am going.   I can’t wait to see all my friends I have not seen in a while.  Fred, Lisa, Alan and more…

What started as a small surprise 80th birthday party for world-renowned beer writer Fred Eckhardt is coming back around in its ninth year as one of the most anticipated beer events of the year.

Attendees will be treated not only to a rare assortment of hand-selected beers, but also light fare cooked in and with beer and of course birthday cake and a round of “Happy Birthday”, just for Fred. Cheeses, chocolate, candy and even cereal will be offered in abundance so attendees can experience some of Fred’s famed beer-and-food pairings.

Beers to appear this year – 

10 Barrel Brewing – Cherry Tart

Breakside Brewing – Apollo and Dionysus.  (Gin BBL aged Saison with spices)

BridgePort Brewing – Old Knucklehead

Cascade Brewing – Super Cherry Vlad

Commons Brewing – Little Brother  – Belgian Dark Strong

Craftsman Brewing – Sour Grape Ale

Deschutes Brewing – Bellmore sour Quad AND Black Butte XXIV

Ecliptic Brewing – Arcturus IPA

Fremont Brewing – Bourbon Abominable (2013)

Fort George Brewing – North VII – Bourbon BBL aged Belgian IPA

Full Sail Brewing – 2009 Black Gold Bourbon Stout

Hair of the Dog Brewing –  New Release – “Beer Week” a strong pale lager

Hopworks Urban Brewing – British Invasion UK IPA

Laurelwood Brewing – (Blend) – Spiced Quad

Logdston Farmhouse Ales – Tripple Straffe Drieling

Lompoc Brewing – 2013 Cherry Christmas  (Cherry sour beer)

Luck Labrador Brewing – 2012 Milk-N-Cookies AND 2012 Old Yeller (Barleywine)

New Belgium Brewing – (Blend) – Apple Whiskey Bier Mars

McMenamins Brewing – Vityaz Russian Imperial Stout

Stone Brewing – Red wine barrel aged Cali-Belgique

Widmer – Fred requested, the original,  Widmer ALT