Acadian Farms & BreweryOver two years ago as I had the opportunity to meet these great people and since then have followed the progress. I am proud to say as they believed in my project  I also believe in them.  So please if you will take the time to see what they have to offer.  I am proud to say I see a great new project to be apart of.

A little about Acadian Farms  – 

Acadian Farms is a small organic farm located in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. We’ve been farming for almost six years now and about two years ago we decided to add craft beer and open a small taproom on our farm. It has been amazing and we are so thankful for the many people that we’ve met who have come through our doors.

As mentioned above, we have amazing customers who come back often…the down side to this is that our tiny brewing system can’t quite keep up. Our current system is made out of recycled materials from the local mill in our town and was welded together by a friend. She’s been awesome, but after 2 years, the poor girl can’t keep up anymore. We are hoping to raise money to buy a slightly bigger, and much newer system. Along with a new system, we’re in desperate need of some new kegs and cash register. And lastly, we’d love to have some swag at the brewery. We are often asked about how to purchase a shirt, hat, pint glass or labeled growler, but we currently don’t have any of these things.