WABl Open House 20144th Annual Washington Beer Open House
Saturday, February 22, Noon – 5pm
At More Than 70 Breweries Statewide!

Don’t miss the 4th Annual Washington Beer Open House, this Saturday, February 22, from noon to 5:00pm, taking place at craft breweries all throughout the great state of Washington.

This opportunity will allow you to see what goes on behind the scenes of some of Washington’s most exceptional breweries, talk to the brewers themselves, discover new breweries, try delicious craft beer creations and meet new friends.

Participating breweries will have a wide range of things going on during the five hour open house including rare barrel tastings, new seasonal beers, finger food, full tours, brewer discussion, unique beer samples, growler sales, music and other wonders. Activities will vary at each brewery.

Visit washingtonbeer.com for a map, directions and additional information. Plan your trip to visit a few neighboring breweries throughout the day, or spend the afternoon at one or two of your local favorites.

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