More Than 280 Beers Will Pour!Washington Brewers Festival logo

Friday, June 14 – Sunday, June 16, 2013
King County’s Marymoor Park, Redmond, WA

The 8th Annual Washington Brewers Festival will take place at King County’s Marymoor Park in Redmond on Father’s Day weekend with the largest contingent of Washington breweries ever assembled.

Seventy-four of the state’s finest craft breweries will be pouring more than 280 unique creations! Check out the fascinating beer names below and your mouth will start to water.

The Festival kicks off on Friday, June 14 at 4pm and opening night goes until 9pm. Friday features 64 of these Washington breweries and many of those will bring Friday-exclusive beers which are often smaller-batch, specialty brews. Saturday and Sunday guests can choose from the full beer lineup from all 74 breweries at the picturesque Marymoor Park venue.

In addition, the festival features live music all three days and terrific food options including a few of the popular local food truck vendors. There are also wine and cider options available for those who might prefer an alternative taste.

The Washington Brewers Festival will take place on June 14-16 at Marymoor Park in Redmond. Admission is $15 on Friday (in advance or at the gate). Saturday or Sunday tickets are $20 advance at ticket outlets or $25 online or at the gate. Minors are admitted free but must be accompanied by an over 21 adult. Tickets are available online and at local outlets. On-site parking is just $1 on Friday, $5 on Saturday and Sunday.

2013 Washington Brewers Festival Beer Lineup:

Brewery Name:

7 Seas Brewing Gig Harbor
Life Jacket Summer Ale (4.2% ABV)
Ballz Deep Double IPA (8.4% ABV)
Cutt’s NW Amber Amber Ale (6.2% ABV)

192 Brewing

Shticky Blonde Blonde (5.5% ABV)
Kenmore Gold Pale Ale, (5% ABV)
Summer Apple Ale Fruit Ale, (5.25% ABV)
Malty Amber Mess Amber Ale, (6% ABV)
(F) Strong Lavender Honey Ale Honey Ale (9% ABV)

Airways Brewing

Summer Rustic Saison (5.2% ABV)
Sky Hag (Rotating) IPA (5.2%)
Oatmeal PSA (Rotating) Pale Session Ale
(F) Limited Imperial IPA IPA (9.3% ABV)

Alpine Brewing

Alpine Bohemian Pilsner Lager (5.3% ABV)
Alpine HefeWeizen Ale (5,4% ABV)
Alpine DunkelWeizen Ale (5.5% ABV)

American Brewing

Flying Monkey Pale Ale (5.7% ABV)
Fed White & Brew ESB (6% ABV)
Penalty Box Pilsner (5.5% ABV)

Anacortes Brewery

Helles Lager Lager (4.8% ABV)
Anacortes IPA IPA (6.1% ABV)
Anacortes Hefeweizen Hefeweizen (4.6% ABV)
Locomotive Breath Imperial Stout Stout (8.5% ABV)
(F) Cask IPA IPA

Bainbridge Island Brewing (S)

Bainbridge Island
Point White Wit Belgian Wit (5% ABV)
Eagle Harbor IPA IPA (6% ABV)
Bale Breaker Brewing  (S) Yakima
Field 41 Pale Ale American Pale Ale – 4.5% ABV
Topcutter IPA India Pale Ale – 6.8% ABV
Bubba’s Brew (Ales for ALS) Pale Rye Ale  – 5.9% ABV

Bellevue Brewing

BBC IPA American IPA (7.2% ABV)
BBC Scotch Ale Scotch Ale (7.7% ABV)
BBC Rye Pale Ale Rye Pale Ale (4.8% ABV)
BBC Belgian Wit Belgian Wit
(F) Barrel-aged CDA 7.3% Cascadian Dark Ale (7.3% ABV)

Big Al Brewing

Five Star Chili IPA (7.3% ABV)
CIV White White IPA (7.3% ABV)
Sunshine Slowdown Session IPA (4.8% ABV)
Hop Villian Cascadian Dark Ale (6.4% ABV)

Big Time Brewing Co

Tinderstick ESB (5.25% ABV)
Homegrown IPA (6.4% ABV)
Whiny the Complainer (2:00pm Sat & Sun) Triple IPA (9.5% ABV)
(F) Cask-Whiny the Complainer Triple IPA (9.5% ABV)

Black Raven Brewing

Kitty Kat Blues Nitro Pale Ale (5.8% ABV)
BeakTweaker Citrus IPA (6.4% ABV)
Corvus Kriekus Cherry Sour Ale (9.6% ABV)
Hochzeit German Style Pilsner (5.6% ABV)
(F) Splinters Bourbon Bbl Aged Scotch Ale (10.8%ABV)

Boundary Bay Brewery

Cascadian Dark Ale CDA (7% ABV)
Pilsner Pilsner (5% ABV)
Ski to Sea ESB ESB (5.6% ABV)
Double Dry Hopped IPA IPA (7% ABV)

Brickyard Brewing

Chocolate Oatmeal Stout Stout (6.8% ABV)
Double IPA Double IPA (9% ABV)

Chuckanut Brewery (S)






Kolsch German Ale (4.6% ABV)
Marzen Lager (5.5% ABV)

Der Blokken Brewery (S)

Der Blokken Black Porter (6.4% ABV)
Ginga Irish Red (6.7% ABV)
Praetorian Pale Pale Ale (5.8% ABV)

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing

Rye Knot? Rye Ale
Black IPA Cascadian Dark Ale
Industrial Red Red
(F) Eliot Point Pale Ale

Dick’s Brewing

Dick Danger Ale Pale (5.2% ABV)
Dick’s IPA IPA (5.5% ABV)
Dick’s Cream Stout Stout (5% ABV)
Pulp Friction Orange/Grapefruit Infused Pale Al (4.8% ABV)

Dirty Bucket Brewing

DBB Anniversary IPA American IPA (7% ABV)
Irish Apricot Ale Apricot Irish Ale
(F)Full Nelson Black IPA (7% ABV)

Duvall Springs Brewing

Breakfast of Champions Oatmeal Stout (6.5% ABV)
Bos Bruut Belgian tripel (10.5% ABV)
Burn Ban Porter Smoked Porter (6.5% ABV)
Duvall Centennial IPA NW IPA (7% ABV)

E9 Brewery (S)

E9 IPA IPA (6.6% ABV)
Belgian white Belgian Wit (4.8% ABV)

Elliott Bay Brewing

Beyond The Pale Black IPA (6.3% ABV)
Batch 100 Ale with all Centennial Hops (7.9% ABV)
West Seattle Wit Belgian Wit (4.8% ABV)
Fauntleroy Imperial Stout Imperial Sout (9.1% ABV)
Alki Ale NW Pale Ale (6.8% ABV)
Portside Barley Wine NW spin on the classic barley wine style (9.3% ABV)

Elysian Brewing

Oddland Peppercorn Saison Pepper Saison (7% ABV)
Loser Pale Ale Pale Ale (7% ABV)
Space Dust IPA (7.2% ABV)
Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale (5.4% ABV)
Mortis Sour Persimmon Ale (7.2% ABV)
Men’s Room Red Amber (5.6% ABV)
Zephyrus Pilsner (4.7% ABV)
Paradise Regrained Pale Farmhouse Ale (4.9%)

Emerald City Beer

Dottie Seattle Lager American Amber Lager (4.9% ABV)
Betty Black Lager American Dark Lager (4.8% ABV)
Ivana Pale Lager NW Pale Lager (5.0% ABV)
Wendy Gold Lager American Light Lager (4.3% ABV)
Whiskey Lager (F) Barrel Aged Lager (5% ABV)

Fish Brewing

Hodgson’s IPA – 5.5%
Leavenworth Premium Lager Lager (5.0% ABV)
Herban Legend Pale Ale with Hemp
Spire Mountain Dark & Dry Cider
Herban Legend (F)

Foggy Noggin Brewing

Bit O’Beaver English Bitter (3.4% ABV)
Christmas Duck Porter  (5.6% ABV)
Big Chief (Saturday Only) Imperial Irish Red (8.3% ABV)
Kastrated Dog (Sunday Only) English Strong Ale (5.7%)
Batch #500 German Alt (6.2% ABV)

Fremont Brewing

Interurban IPA IPA (6.2% ABV)
Fremont Summer Ale Summer Ale (5.2% ABV)
Kentucky Dark Star (Rotating) Barrel Aged Stout (9.5% ABV)
ALS Wheat Wine (Rotating) Wheat Beer
Dark Star Imperial Stout (Rotating) Stout w/Hazelnut, Peppercorn, Oak
Brother Double IPA (Rotating) Double IPA (8.5% ABV)


Gallaghers Where U Brew




Monk Belgium Tripple (8.5% ABV)
Aplomado Pale IPA (7% ABV)
Rashers Irish Red Irish Red (5% ABV)
(F) Coaltrain Bourban Stout Bourban Stout (8.5% ABV)

Georgetown Brewing

Manny’s Pale Ale (5.2% ABV)
Lucille IPA (6.8%)
Lovely Reida (Rotating) Imperial IPA (10% ABV)
Craigalicious (Rotating) Black Lager (5% ABV)
Johnny Utah (Rotating) Session IPA (4% ABV)

Golden Hills Brewing

Airway Heights
Clem’s Gold Marzen Style (5.3% ABV)
Lizzy’s Lager Amber Lager (5.5% ABV)
7-Seventy IPL India Pale Lager (7% ABV)
Havanuther Light Pilsner Pilsner (4.1% ABV)

Hales Ales

Aftermath Imperial IPA
Gold Rush w/Cherries Belgian Gold w/ Cherries
Double Dry-Hopped Supergoose IPA
Cream Ale-Nitro Pale Ale
Imperial Golden Ale Golden Ale
Toasted Coconut, Bourbon, Nitro Porter Porter

Harmon Brewing (S)

One Hop Wonder IPA (7.1% ABV)
Expedition Amber (5.5% ABV)
Mt. Takhoma Blond (4.4% ABV)

Hilliard’s Beer (S)

Chrome Satan California Common (5.7% ABV)
Count Strongula Belgian Dark Strong Ale (7.7% ABV)

Hood Canal Brewery

Agate Pass Amber Amber Ale (5.5% ABV)
Dabob Bay IPA India Pale Ale (8.0% ABV)
Big Beef Oatmeal Stout Oatmeal Stout (5.0% ABV)



Iron Goat Brewing





The Impaler Imperial IPA (8.5% ABV)
Head Butt IPA IPA (6.7% ABV)
Goatmeal Stout Stout (5.6% ABV)
Garbage Pale Ale American Pale Ale (5.2% ABV)
Cap’n Kidd Scott Ale Bourbon Barrel Aged (F) Bourbon Barrel Aged (7.5% ABV)


Iron Horse Brewery




Irish Death What is style? (7.8% ABV)
Brewer’s Choice TBA

Island Hoppin’ Brewery

Lime Kiln Lager Lager (5.3% ABV)
Island Hoppin’ IPA IPA (6.5% ABV)
Copper Hull Ale Copper (5.9% ABV)
(F) Old Madrona Imperial Red Ale (8.4% ABV)

Issaquah Brewhouse

White Frog Belgian Style Witbier (5.2% ABV)
Apple Frog Apple Beer (8.0% ABV)
Manage A  Frog Belgian Style Triple (8.4% ABV)

Justice Brewing

White & Nerdy Belgian Wit – (6% ABV)
13 Questions – Belma Single Hop Pale Ale – (6% ABV)
Brewer’s Choice Seasonal/Special Beer
Under The Red Door (F) Oak Aged Belgian Red with Cherries – (6% ABV)

Kulshan Brewing (S)

Bastard Kat IPA (6.6%)
Good Ol’ Boy Pale Ale (5.25%)
Red Cap Red Ale (5.5%)
REISTERBRAU Russian Imperial Stout (10% ABV)

Laht Neppur Brewing

Peach Hefeweizen American Hefeweizen w/Fruit (5.2% ABV)
Backseat Blonde American Blonde (5.3% ABV)
Strawberry Cream Ale Pale Ale w/Fruit (5.4% ABV)





Mac & Jack’s Brewing  (S)







African Amber Amber (5.9% ABV)
Two Tun IPA IPA (7.0% ABV)
Blackcat Porter Porter (5.3% ABV)
Serengeti Wheat Hefeweizen






Terminator Stout Stout
Hero’s Hefeweizen Hef with banana-clove flavors.  (5.0% ABV)
(F) Paeter’s Imperial Porter Syrah/Brandy barrel aged 18 months (7.75% ABV)

Naked City Brewery & Taphouse

Yankee Drifter Golden Ale (4.5% ABV)
Crossfire IPA American IPA (6.5% ABV)

New Belgium Brewing Co

Rolle Bolle Summer Blonde Ale 5.5% ABV
Trip 15 Belgian Buckwheat Ale  7.5% ABV
Trip 16 Seattle Farmhouse Rye 6.2% ABV
Paardebloom: Wood Aged Fruit Ale

No-Li Brewhouse

Crystal Bitter Ale ESB (5.75% ABV)
JetStar Imperial IPA (8.1% ABV)

North Sound Brewing

Mount Vernon
Goosetown Brown (7.2% ABV)
Hopsolute IPA (6.4% ABV)
Rotating Cask TBA

Odin Brewing

Freya’s Gold Kolsch-Style (4.5% ABV)
Sigrun IPA (6.1% ABV)
Odin’s Gift Nordic Amber Ale (5.4% ABV)
Thor’s Equinox Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale (9% ABV)
Thor’s Sunstone Belgian-Style Triple (7.9% ABV)

Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Ruud Awakening IPA American Style IPA (7% ABV)
Brewer’s Reserve Imperial IPA (9% ABV)
Brewer’s Choice TBA


Paradise Creek Brewery




Pokerface Blonde Blonde Ale, 6.4 ABV
Over the Hop IPA IPA, 74 IBU, 6.7 ABV
Huckleberry Hoe Enhanced Belgian Wit. 5.5 ABV
(F) Breakfast of Champions Chocolate Coffee Milk Stout. 5.2  ABV

Pike Brewing



Pike Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale
Pike Space Needle Golden IPA IPA
Pike Saison Houblon Saison
Pike Post Ally Porter Porter
(F) Pike 6X Entire Porter

Port Townsend Brewing

Port Townsend
Hop Diggidy IPA Indai Pale Ale (5.9% ABV)
Peeping Peater Scotch Ale Scotch Ale  (6.6% ABV)
Yoda’s Green Tea Gold Golden Ale (4.7% ABV)

Rainy Daze Brewing

Belgian Bastard IPA (7.8% ABV)
Backseat Driver IPA (7% ABV)
Dry Hopped Rainy Rye Rye IPA (7.6%)
Stash Box Pale Ale (6%)
Cask-Holiday Bazaar Golden Belgian (10% ABV)

Ram Restaurant & Brewery

Ladywood Saison Saison (6.4% ABV)
ZZ Hop (8.2% ABV)
HopThirst Oatmeal Pale (6% ABV)

Redhook Brewery

Audible Ale (poured through Randle) Amber Ale ( 4.7% ABV )
Wisecracker Belgian Wit (5.8% ABV)
Longhammer IPA (6.2% ABV)
Double Black Mocha Aged Stout w/ cacao nibs (7% ABV)
(F) Do Svidaniya Cask Imprial Russian Stout (9.8% ABV)
Big Ballard Firkin IPA (8.2% ABV)

Reuben’s Brews LLC

Imperial Rye IPA IPA (8.4% ABV)
Roggenbier German Rye Ale (5.3% ABV)
American Rye American Rye Ale (5.4% ABV)
(F) Brewers Choice Cask Beer
Riverport Brewing Clarkston
Bullseye PA Northwest IPA (5.3% ABV)
5/5 Pepper Beer Pepper Infused Pale Ale (5.7% ABV)
Hellsgate Hefeweizen Bavarian Hefeweizen (4.8% ABV)


Rock Bottom Brewery




Hop Bomb IPA
Kolsch Kolsch
Belgian Wit Belgian Wit
Farm House Saison Saison
(F) Madgascar Vanilla Porter

Roslyn Brewing

Roslyn Dark Lager German Dark Lager (Dunkel),  (4.8% ABV)
Brookside Pale Lager German Pale Lager, (5.2% ABV)
Roslyn Belgian Ale Belgian-Style Ale, (6.5% ABV)
(F) Roslyn IPL India Pale Lager, (5% ABV)

Schooner EXACT Brewing

3-Grid IPA India Pale Ale (6.7% ABV)
Seamstress Union Raspberry Wheat American Wheat Ale (5.5% ABV)
Profanity Hill Porter Porter (5.5% ABV)
(F) Evergreen Double IPA 8% abv Double IPA (8% ABV)

Scuttlebutt Brewing

Everett, WA  98201
Earthy Blonde Tea Infused Blonde (4.5% ABV)
Jalepeno Triple Pepper Tripel (9% ABV)
Ming the Merceiless Imperial IPA (8.7% ABV)

Seapine Brewing

PNW Pale    ABV5.5 American Pale Ale (5.5% ABV)
Phantom IPA American IPA (6.7% ABV)

Silver City Brewery

Ridgetop Red Ale Irish Red Ale (6% ABV)
Saint Florian IPA IPA (6.9% ABV)
Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager Zwicklbier
WhoopPass Double IPA Double IPA





Skookum Brewery







Mammoth Jack Imperial IPA, (8.2% ABV)
Breakfast of Crows Oatmeal Stout aged on Bourbon Chips, (7.5% ABV)
Katspaw Saison (6.7% ABV)
Hopinoscopy (Sat & Sun Only) IPA (9.5% ABV)
(F) Barren Wood Barrel Aged Strong Alee (9.3% ABV)

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing (S)

Wildcat IPA IPA (6.5% ABV)
Summer Beer Pre-prohibition pilsner (5.6% ABV)

Sound Brewery

Tripel Entendre Belgian Style Tripel (9.9% ABV)
Sommerweizen Bavarian Style Kristallweizen
Humulo Nimbus Double IPA
Mosaic Pale Ale American Style Pale Ale
(F) Mayan Cave Bear (10% ABV)

Strong Arm Brewing

Torque American IPA (7.0% ABV)
Drop Hammer Pale Ale (5.5% ABV)
Black Ops Porter (5.0% ABV)
Le Torque Belgian IPA  (8% ABV)
Cincinnatus Imperial Brown Ale (8.4%)
(F)Denunciation Triple IPA (11.8% ABV)

Triplehorn Brewing Co

Landwink IPA (6% ABV)
Falcon Cloak Blonde Ale (4.5% ABV)
Runestone Porter Porter (6.4% ABV)
Symbel Razz Orange/Rasberry Wheat (5% ABV)
New Cask Every 3 hours Rotating Cask

Twelve Bar Brews

Wicked Riff IPA  (6.9% ABV)
Turnaround Northwest Red (5.7% ABV)
Supertonic IBA  (6.9% ABV)
(Not named yet) Imperial India Red Ale, (8.5% – 9%?)

Twelve String Brewing

Spokane Valley
C#7#5 IPA (7% ABV)
Mango Mambo Wheat   (4.2% ABV)
Volume 1 Double IPA  (9.1% ABV)
Whiskey Barrel Don’t Fret Porter Aged Porter (6.0% ABV)
Whiskey Barrel aged Volume 1 Double IPA   (9.1% ABV)
Fingerpickin’ Pale Ale


Two Beers Brewing




Immersion Amber American Amber – 5.4%
Evo. IPA American IPA – 6.2%
Crooked Belgian Wit Belgian Wit – 5.2%
Red Wine Aged Evo. IPA Barrel Aged IPA.
Forester Double IPA (8.8%abv) IPA (8.8% ABV)

Urban Family Brewing (S)

Ain’t Nothing To **** Wit Belgian White 5.4%
Brewer’s Choice TBA

Wingman Brewers

Coconut P-51 Porter Coconut Imperial Porter 8% ABV
Caramel Macchiato Cream Ale Cream Ale  (4.8% ABV)
Hop of the Walk Imperial IPA A North West Style Imperial IPA 8.5% ABV
(F) Bourbon Barrel Stratofortress 11.4% ABV

Yakima Craft Brewing (S)

Vern IPA (5.67% ABV)
1982 Amber (5.5% ABV)


(F) – Special Friday Only Beer

(S) – Pouring Saturday and Sunday Only