819 Front Street
Leavenworth, WA 98826

This was an interesting place. Down the stairs along the main street of businesses you find a cheese shop filled with about 400 different beers. The shop was a perfect beer shop and I found several brews that I had never had yes all German Beers that I needed. They had a selection of foreign and domestic brews. The domestic where mostly local micros with a few macros mixed in. It was a nice selection and those coming in will find a good brew to try with there smoked cheeses and meats they can also buy. The cheeses that I was able to try where very good they had some smoked cheese that I loved. They also have some smoked meats that will add to any Leavenworth picnic. So stop on in when you have a chance. Yes the place smells like cheese. I will be sure to go back when I am in town.