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2009 Washington Beer Commision Cask Festival

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Wow it has been way too long since I updated this blog.  What has happened?  Well I was recently at the Washington Beer Commissions Cask Festival up in Seattle.  Had a blast with over 30 different breweries bringing some of there best brews.  I drank some brews that would just send you too the moon.  There where some excellent barrel aged brews along with some experimental fruit beers that knocked your socks off.   Diamond Knot brewing had an Apple Cinnamon ESB that was something you will drink forever.  Sure this was not the manly beer with Malt, hops and nothing else but this was killer.  The “Call Me a Cab” by Water Street Brewing was a killer 3 different brews mixed and aged for 6 years ale.  This was so killer the IPA, Stout and Barleywine mixed so well and then took on a different character when it aged in the wine barrels.  Hold on to your hat it was over 10% it was a killer for sure.  Glad I had a sample and not a pint I would have ended up in the monkey cages for sure.   Laughing Buddha has there with the great Ginger Ale with fresh ginger to add to the flavor as you drank it.  Then Issaquah Brewing added to there Ménage a Frog and made a cherry version.  The cask festival was a hit and next year I will be sure to get there early and get a place to stay for after so I do not sleep in the streets.  Though some beers at times would run out they where so tasty it did not matter. This is an event to add to your do not miss for the future beer festival calendar.  Coming soon is the annual Easter event – Spring Beer & Wine Festival down in Portland and then more festivals than I can count and can go to with out losing my wife and kid to the courts.  I will do my best and attend as many as I can.  I am going to have to really do lots on the honey do list so I build up good credit.  Until then drink the good stuff.  Life is too short to drink crappy beer.

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