Beer Blog of the week – Each week I  am going to pick a Beer blog that I follow and feature them so others may see their great work.  This week I start it of with a new friend of mine I met over this past summer at the OBF. (Oregon Brewers Festival) So with out further ado Ladies and Gentlemen all the way from Portland Oregon please welcome with a raised pint – Brewpublic – Yeast Malt and the Pursuit of Hoppiness

Brewpublic leaves no beer behind in the quest to bring thirsty Brewpublicans information on the finest craft ales, lagers, yeast culture, and all things beer and brewing related.

It is our mission to provide you with current brewing news, events, and culture, like no other resource in the Pacific Northwest. Brewpublic is more that just beer, it is a community who shares a collective passion for all that brewing encompasses.

So please check them out and tell them BrewDad sent you.  Cheers….

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