Double Mountain Brewery 2From Double Mountain Brewing  – New Beer Releases
– STARDUST IPA With just a beer light to guide us, we have set forth on a journey that just may take us to Mars. Light and crisp candied fruit, apple, and tangerine aromas lift off the nose, leaving a spray of diamonds in its wake. Quaffable and refreshing, this IPA complements a spinning record and good company. We took it all too far, but boy, could he play guitar… 6.5% ABV, 40 BU

NEW– SPHAGNUM P.I. Scotch Ale Named after the moss responsible for peat bog formation, this Scotch ale was brewed on the heels of our peated malt wash. Its malty physique is complemented by notes of caramel and toffee, smoked peat, and just a hint of bitterness. This beer is the perfect winter warmer after a long day on the river or the mountain, or saving the day in your Ferrari. 6.8% ABV, 36 BU

NEW– PERFECT STRANGERS Hoppy Red Kölsch In collaboration with our friends from Seattle, Ryan of the Rhein Haus Biergarten and Myles Derschang Group, we present Perfect Strangers. After much deliberation, we chose to combine two of our worlds, a German style biergarten and an Oregon craft brewery, and create a Hoppy Red Kölsch. This mash up of styles results in a beer with aromas reminiscent of melon, lemon, and dill and flavors of toffee, raisin bran, and a touch of jasmine tea. Perfect to share with friends and strangers alike. Prost! 5.8% ABV, 42 BU